Jul 29, 2023

Drunk Czech Tourist Falls from Rimini Hotel Balcony

A 48-year-old Czech tourist fell seven metres from a Rimini hotel balcony after drinking too much Friday night, hospital sources said Saturday.

The woman, who has not been named, suffered serious injuries and was rushed to hospital.

According to an initial reconstruction, she drank heavily at watering holes in the iconic Romagna resort before continuing to imbibe in her hotel room, leaning too far out of the window, and falling onto the pavement beneath.

The Newsrimini news website reported that the accident happened at around 3.30 pm on Friday and that carabinieri were on the scene to determine the cause of the accident.

Giornale di Brescia reports that the woman was in her 60s and was in town with several relatives, including her husband.

The accident took place in a hotel on Via Catania in Miramare. The place was quite busy at the time.

According to this source, the woman’s condition is critical.

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