Mar 27, 2022

Czech Universities That are Easy to Enter: All About Studying in the Czech Republic

Many applicants choose to pursue higher education in the Czech Republic. Czech university degrees are highly regarded in many countries around the world and open up opportunities for decent employment.

In addition, the living conditions in this country are very attractive in terms of climate and the cost of services and goods. A student visa allows you to freely travel to all Schengen countries. At the same time, getting an education in the Czech Republic is absolutely free.  

Your entrance to universities in the Czech Republic is not much different from the entrance to universities in CIS countries. You need to pass a number of exams: language, nostrification, and admission. But in fact, students have a chance to make their admission to a Czech university as easy as possible. The experts of will tell you how you can easily enroll in universities in the Czech Republic.

Universities where it is possible to enroll without knowing the Czech language perfectly

As a rule, it is required to have at least a B2 level of proficiency in Czech for enrollment in universities of the Czech Republic. But even those applicants who do not know Czech at a high level have a real chance to enter a prestigious university. There is a whole range of subjects for which a B1 level is sufficient.

What knowledge does level B1 correspond to?

In the CEFR system, level B1 is assessed as medium level. A person with this level of knowledge can:

  • understand a text with standard vocabulary about studies or daily life;
  • ask people on the street how to find a certain place in town;
  • do shopping in a store;
  • communicate with people in the country;
  • talk about their lives, families, interests, dreams, etc., without preparing;
  • explain their opinions;
  • talk about the movies they saw or books they read, expressing their attitudes toward them;
  • understand the essence of TV and radio programs if they are about familiar topics and the speaker’s speech is not too fast.

In other words, a B1 level is enough to start your university studies in certain fields of study. But it is important to understand that for further studies you will have to improve your knowledge.

Which universities in the Czech Republic can I apply to with the B1 level?

If you want to study in Prague, knowledge of Czech at B1 level is enough for you to enter the following universities:

  1. Academy of Fine Arts – a metropolitan university where painting and sculpture, restoration, graphics, new media, architecture, and liberal arts are studied. Applications are accepted through November. For international students, it is mandatory to submit a certificate proving language proficiency of B1 or higher.
  2. Academy of Performing Arts – an institution of higher education that offers the faculties of FAMU (film and television), HAMU (music and dance), DAMU (theater). Documents are accepted until the end of November, and by this time knowledge of the B1 language is allowed. But by the beginning of studies, the level should be raised to at least B2.
  3. Czech Agricultural University – suitable for those who want to study economics, technical specialties, woodworking and forestry, agrobiology, and tropical agriculture. Applications are accepted in November-March; in summer the exams are held. Before taking them you have to take a Czech language test in the Czech Republic to prove your B1 level or to present the appropriate certificate.

In Brno, you can apply to the Faculty of Music or Theatre of the Janáček Academy of Music and take a complete course of studies, from Bachelor to Doctoral studies. Documents can be submitted by the end of March. The language exam is taken beforehand, the acceptable level is B1.

Czech universities in small towns offer a wider choice of fields of study for applicants with knowledge of B1 level:

  1. At the University of Ostrava, you can study sociology, pedagogy, art, medicine, natural sciences, and philosophy.
  2. Jan Evangelista Purkyně University invites students to the faculties of environment, art, and design, civil engineering, health care as well as natural sciences, pedagogy, philosophy, and socio-economics.
  3. The Palacky University in Olomouc invites you to study at 8 faculties with 243 specializations. With B1 language skills, it is possible to study at the faculties of health care, pedagogy, natural sciences, philosophy, medicine, theology, physical education, and law.

It is worth noting that the direction and the university for education in the Czech Republic are better to choose not in terms of ease of entry. It is also important to understand that even if it is enough to know the language at the B1 level to enroll in a university, then later you will have to improve your skills in order to fully master the curriculum. The higher the language level, the wider the possibilities of the applicant or student.

How to learn Czech quickly?

It is not often possible to achieve the desired level of preparation in the shortest possible time by studying Czech on your own. Applicants who intend to study in the Czech Republic need to find an effective program that allows them to achieve their goals without wasting time.

A reliable option is the Czech language courses at the Prague Education Center. The course includes the following services:

  • 680 hours of instruction;
  • basic subject terminology;
  • assistance in university applications and admissions;
  • nostrification assistance.

Thanks to the program designed specifically for applicants to Czech universities, applicants get the right amount of knowledge and easily confirm their language level.

How not to pass the nostrification exam in the Czech Republic?

To enter a Czech university, foreign students have to undergo a special procedure – nostrification. The essence is that the commission evaluates the school diploma or diploma of another educational institution. The main criterion of evaluation is the number of hours of basic subjects, which must comply with Czech norms. Subjects that do not have enough hours are subjected to nostrification examinations.

It is impossible to avoid the procedure of recognition of the certificate or diploma. The document issued by the results of such exams is necessarily submitted with the documents for admission. However, this does not mean that you have to take a nostrification exam. Nostrification of diploma always takes place without examinations, but to nostrify the certificate without testing you can take part in internal assessment.

Simplified, the procedure for internal evaluation is as follows:

  • applicants fill out an application electronically;
  • the fee is paid;
  • all documents are translated into Czech or English by a court interpreter;
  • the package of documents is sent to the university by mail for nostrification.


In this case, you do not have to take exams in the subjects. But it is important to remember that the results of the review of documents will be valid only for the university in which the internal nostrification was carried out.

For example, this procedure is now available at the following institutions: Charles University, HSE, CZU, VHUT, Masaryk University, VUT, Mendel University, Veterinary and Veterinary Medicine University. Mendel University, Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University.

The list is constantly being updated. 

Where can you enter without an entrance exam?

Apart from the fact that you can enter a Czech university with a minimum knowledge of Czech, you can also do without entrance examinations. 

Examinations are waived for low-demand and difficult specialties. If you do not want to take tests, you can pay attention to the faculties of the following universities:

  1. Czech Agrotechnical University – Forestry and Timber, Agrobiology, Environmental Protection.
  2. Czech Technical University – Transportation and Nuclear Physics;
  3. University of South Bohemia – Agriculture, Pedagogy, Economics, Fisheries and Water Conservation, Natural Sciences.
  4. Mendel University – Agronomy, Horticulture, Forestry, and Timber. 
  5. University of Ostrava – Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Pedagogy.
  6. University of Silesia – Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Mathematics. 
  7. Technical University in Liberec – Natural Sciences, Humanities, Pedagogy, Mechanical Engineering, Textiles. 
  8. University of Hradec Králové – Natural Sciences.
  9. Jan Evangelista Purkyně University – Civil Engineering, Environment, Pedagogy, Natural Sciences. 
  10. Charles University – Natural Sciences.
  11. Palacky University – Natural Sciences; 
  12. University of Pardubice – Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Transportation, Computer Science, Management and Economics;
  13. Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín – Humanities, Crisis Management, Informatics, Logistics, Faculty of Technology;
  14. Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University – Ecology, Veterinary Hygiene. 
  15. University of Chemical Technology – Chemical Technology, Environmental Protection, Product and Biochemical Technology, Chemical Engineering Faculty. 
  16. West Bohemian University – Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Sciences.


All of these are public universities that offer the opportunity to study for free in the Czech Republic.

Therefore, having made education free for foreigners, Czech universities have become very careful about who should and who should not be enrolled as their students.

The admission essay is the only chance a student has to go directly to the admissions committee and prove to it that he or she should study at that university. Not with his grades, exam scores, or list of extracurricular activities. But with his sincere words.

It is not necessary or even possible to send a letter of motivation with your application package. Most often it is a prerequisite for admission to the humanities and creative industries. 

If you don’t know how to write an admission essay, you can ask experienced writers for help. You can get cheap essay help both in writing the paper and in editing it.

In private higher education institutions, there are more faculties where the exams are waived, but tuition is charged.

It is also worth bearing in mind that most majors that do not have entrance examinations must pass a language proficiency test. This is why preparatory courses are always necessary.


Which universities are the easiest to apply to?

When choosing a profession and university you should be guided not only by the ease of entry but also by your abilities and interests.

If you are passionate about agricultural subjects, you can choose to study forestry and timber, agro-biology, or environmental protection in the Czech Republic. This way you can pass the B1 level of Czech, take an internal assessment instead of nostrification, and not take the entrance exams.

If you learn Czech at the B2 level, you will have a wider list of professions and universities with easier access. You can apply for some fields of study in top universities without entrance and nostrification examinations: VUT, Mendel University, Charles University, etc. Mendel University, Charles University, etc. 

So, you can enter a Czech university without exams, but to study for free you will have to learn Czech at least at B1 level.

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