May 12, 2024

Czechia Among Countries Most Targeted by Russian Hybrid Activities, Says NATO

The Czech Republic is among the countries most targeted by Russian hybrid activities, according to a recent study by NATO.

Alongside Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Britain, the Czech Republic faces a significant threat to its security from Russian interference.

NATO expresses deep concern over Russia’s use of sabotage, disinformation campaigns, violence, and cyber attacks.

Recent events underscore this threat. In the UK, authorities charged two individuals suspected of ties to Russian intelligence for planning attacks on Ukrainian-affiliated businesses. In the Czech Republic, investigations into the Vrbětice warehouse explosion reveal Russian involvement.

Moreover, a network dubbed “Voice of Europe” has been exposed for attempting to influence politicians and activists.

Similar incidents have occurred across Europe. In April 2024, British authorities charged two individuals with aiding Russian intelligence in planning an arson attack on a facility storing aid for Ukraine.

Meanwhile, in Poland, a man was arrested for allegedly spying for Russia and plotting to assassinate the Ukrainian president. In Germany, two arrests were made for planning physical attacks to disrupt German aid to Ukraine.

Estonian officials have accused Russia of hybrid operations targeting the Baltic states, including facilitating refugee influxes to pressure EU and NATO borders. Allegations include jamming GPS technology, causing disruptions to air traffic.

“These incidents are part of an intensifying campaign of activities which Russia continues to carry out across the Euro-Atlantic area, including on Alliance territory and through proxies. NATO Allies express their deep concern over Russia’s hybrid actions, which constitute a threat to Allied security,” states the official documents.

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“We support and stand in solidarity with the affected Allies. We will act individually and collectively to address these actions. We will continue to boost our resilience and to apply and enhance the tools at our disposal to counter and contest Russian hybrid actions and will ensure that the Alliance and Allies are prepared to deter and defend against hybrid actions or attacks.”


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