Apr 22, 2024

Czechia Considers Easier Work Access for Citizens of Seven Non-EU Countries

The Czech government is proposing a change that could make it simpler for skilled workers from certain developed countries to find employment in the Czech Republic.

According to a draft regulation, citizens from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States might not need work permits or employment cards starting in July.

This amendment to Czech employment law aims to attract highly qualified professionals and managers by granting them easier access to the job market. It would also reduce the administrative burden on businesses seeking to hire foreign talent.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, which prepared the draft, explained that these countries were chosen because they represent strong economies and because the Czech Republic has a history of successful collaboration with them.

However, the Ministry acknowledges that unlike the existing agreements with some of these countries, “reciprocal treatment” for Czech workers in those nations is not guaranteed.

While work permits are not currently required for some of these nationalities under existing agreements, the Ministry admits these agreements haven’t been widely used. They emphasize that citizens from these countries typically hold high-skilled positions and are not seeking illegal work or asylum.

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Data from Czech employment offices in March 2024 supports this claim. Among registered foreign employees from the proposed list, over half possess university or doctoral degrees, and more than 80% hold skilled positions. This is significantly higher than the average foreign workforce in the Czech Republic.

While these seven countries represent only a small portion (1.1%) of the total foreign workforce in the Czech Republic, their numbers include 4,434 Britons, 2,505 Americans, and a combined total of over 2,000 individuals from the other listed nations.

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