Oct 08, 2023

Czechia Sees First Snowfall of 2023–24 Winter Season

On the night of Sunday, 8th October, the Czech Republic’s Giant Mountains witnessed the first snowfall of the season.

Temperatures dropped below freezing early in the morning, creating powdery patches above 1,100 meters. Weather experts assure that this snowy episode is temporary, expecting a return to warmer weather in the coming days.

The snowfall is the result of a recent cold front passing over the Czech Republic, which brought temperatures below zero degrees Celsius to areas of high elevation in the country.

Compared to previous years, the snowfall arrived later. Last year, the first snowfall occurred on 18th September, and in 2021, it was on 12th October.

Temperatures on Sněžka reached as low as minus one degree Celsius this morning, but weather conditions on the mountain can change dramatically. Shortly before 4:00 a.m., the measuring station at the mountain’s summit reported a temperature of nearly eight degrees above zero.

In addition to Sněžka and the Krkonoše Mountains, temperatures are also low enough for snow to fall in Czechia’s Jeseníky Mountains. However, meteorologists note that the snow is unlikely to accumulate on the ground.

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While the Giant Mountains enjoy their snowy makeover, the rest of the country continues its autumnal transition, anticipating winter’s arrival in the weeks ahead.

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