Jan 24, 2024

Czechia Suggests Restricting Russian Diplomats’ Movement Across Schengen Zone

The Czech Republic asks the EU to consider restrictions on the movement of Russian diplomats across the Schengen area.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavsky offered to include the restriction in the next package of EU sanctions targeting Russia.

“Czechia proposes to establish the restriction of the movement of Russian diplomatic mission staff and their family members only to the territory of the state where they are accredited. It is not right for Russian diplomats to take advantage of Schengen area. We will do our utmost to ensure that our proposal is included in the 13th sanctions package,” Lipavsky stated.

He added that Ukraine’s security is “linked” to Czechia’s security and providing military and financial support to Ukraine in its defense against Russian aggression is “a must”.

The Czech Republic has proposed that Russian diplomats be issued visas and residence permits that only allow travel within their host country and not the rest of the Schengen area.

Prague also proposed only accepting biometric passports, which are more difficult to forge.

The ministers also endorsed the decision made by the European Commission to launch legislation screening in Ukraine and Moldova and prepare the framework for negotiations regarding the states’ accession to the EU.

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In November, the Czech government decided to freeze Russian state assets, now Russian property in Czechia cannot be transferred or sold.

“Ukraine’s security is also linked to our security. That is why we must continue to provide military and financial support to Ukraine in its defence against Russian aggression,” said the chief of Czech diplomacy.

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