Jun 11, 2024

Czechia Unveils New Portal to Attract One Million Foreign Tech Talent

Authorities in Czechia have recently launched a new portal called ‘Work in Czechia‘ aimed at attracting foreign talent to bolster the skilled labor market.

This initiative aligns with the European Institute for Innovation and Technology’s (EIT) Deep Tech Talent Initiative, which seeks to upskill one million individuals in deep tech fields by 2025.

The country has been actively inviting foreign professionals with the skills and ambition needed to contribute to an economy that highly values these attributes.

This initiative reflects similar recruitment efforts undertaken from Scandinavian countries in Europe.

Further emphasizing this strategic alignment, Czechia, according to a statement on the website, is coordinating with other European nations that are actively recruiting tech experts.

The portal is available in Czechia.EU, provides a comprehensive guide for foreign professionals, covering all aspects of life and work in the country. This includes detailed information on visa and immigration procedures, as well as tips for cultural engagement.

The head of the CzechInvest agency, Jan Michal, highlighted that the platform offers numerous opportunities, particularly in the technology sector. It also provides essential guidance on navigating the visa process, further facilitating the integration of international talent into Czechia’s workforce.

“The website provides foreign talents with a comprehensive overview of life and employment in our country. They can find all the necessary information on it – from details on visas and immigration to tips on cultural activities”, he said.

EU’s initiative to train millions of individuals in tech

In. 2022, the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) launched the Deep Tech Talent Initiative, targeting the upskilling of one million individuals in deep tech fields by 2025.

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This initiative is designed to close the talent gap by fostering a robust pool of deep tech professionals throughout Europe.

To meet this objective, EIT has been providing courses focused on developing and expanding new or existing deep tech. It has achieved this through recruiting foreign talent outside the European Union (EU).

Increase in international workers

Czechia has been facing labor shortages like other EU nations. An OECD survey reveals that these shortages have led Czech employers to recruit workers from abroad.

The number of foreign workers in Czechia saw an increase of nearly 30,700 last year, totaling over 823,900 in December 2023, which is 2.5 times the figure at the end of 2015, according to data from the Labor Office.

Czech Statistical Office (CSU) data shows that, in the first three quarters of last year, there were 4.23 million workers registered in Czech.

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