Aug 09, 2023

New Survey: Czechs Rank Among Top 10 World’s Tallest People

Czech citizens rank among the world’s top ten nations in terms of height and average weight, a fact that holds implications for their export practices.

Czechs stand at the eighth position globally in terms of average height. While historically the Dutch have held the title for being the tallest, with men averaging 184 centimeters and women 170 centimeters, Scandinavian nations, including Estonia, continue to dominate the height spectrum.

However, the countries of the former Yugoslavia have now surpassed the Czech Republic in these rankings, a change attributed to the rapid growth of living standards.

As of today, the typical Czech individual boasts a height of approximately 181 centimeters, while the average Czech woman stands at 168 centimeters. This signifies a remarkable increase of 12 centimeters in comparison to the early 20th century.

Factors contributing to this growth include not only enduring genetic and climatic influences but also a higher standard of living, nutritious diets, and quality healthcare when contrasted with less affluent regions around the world.

Yet, an additional factor plays a role—the Czech Republic remained relatively isolated in Europe until recently, allowing its taller genes to remain less diluted by shorter populations. However, with a growing influx of immigrants from Eastern or Southern nations into the Czech Republic, the average height of the populace might stagnate or decline in the upcoming generation.

Highest Nations in the World

Countries Average height of men Average height of women
1. Netherlands: Men 184 cm – Women 170 cm
2. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Men 183 cm – Women 167 cm
3. Estonia: Men 183 cm – Women 169 cm
4. Montenegro: Men 183 cm – Women 170 cm
5. Denmark: Men 182 cm – Women 169 cm
6. Iceland: Men 182 cm – Women 169 cm
7. Croatia: Men 181 cm- Women 167 cm
8. Czech Republic: Men 181 cm – Women 168 cm
9. Finland: Men 181 cm- Women 166 cm
10. Latvia: Men 181 cm – Women 169 cm

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The global average height for men reaches 173 centimeters, while women tend to stand around 161 centimeters.

Which countries occupy the lower rungs of this height scale? Among the shortest populations globally we find Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh. Men in these nations tend to average around 165 centimeters, while women stand at a mere 153 centimeters.

The fact that most nations tend to be shorter than the Czech population presents a challenge for numerous exporters. For instance, Czech furniture manufacturers craft smaller chairs for the Japanese market.

Likewise, Colombians receive scaled-down versions of surgical implants made from stainless steel and titanium. Even bicycle exporters, who experienced record shipments during the pandemic, now cater to smaller-sized customers.

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