Jan 18, 2024

Despite Rising Prices, Polish Supermarkets Remain a Shopping Heaven for Czechs

Poland’s recent surge in prices hasn’t deterred Czech shoppers from flocking to popular Biedronka stores, known for accommodating trunk-sized loads, Novinky.cz writes.

While the new year and a change in government have led to increased costs, Czech visitors are still drawn to Polish supermarkets for their larger purchases.

Despite an unfavorable exchange rate of 5.8 Czech crowns to one Polish zloty, Biedronka stores near the Czech-Polish border continue to attract Czech shoppers.

In the border town of Kudowa Zdroj, Czech license plates filled ninety percent of the supermarket parking lots, contrasting with half-empty stores in the neighboring town of Náchod.

Although grocery bills are no longer just a few hundred crowns cheaper, savvy Czech shoppers are finding ways to save, utilizing the Biedronka app for discounts and factoring in increased fuel prices in Poland.

Despite the looming disadvantageous exchange rate, Czechs are leaving Polish supermarkets with full shopping carts, taking advantage of promotions and discounts.

Biedronka is responding to the price increase by strategically implementing promotions, often offering discounts on the second item. Loyalty app users benefit from additional discounts, ranging from thirty to almost sixty percent.

Polish supermarkets maintain a zero VAT rate on essential items, but a return to a five percent tax in the first quarter of the year is expected.

Czech customers expressed confidence that Polish prices won’t surpass those in the Czech Republic.

Longtime Biedronka patrons suggest that people will adapt to what is economically advantageous and a potential boycott of Czech store prices may lead to a natural market correction.

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