Mar 13, 2024

Dive in the World of Female Pleasure with the New “On The Edge” Event

Dive in the world of female pleasure. Another unique evening with “On The Edge“, the immersive theatre of provocative fantasies that has been stirring hearts and minds in Prague and beyond since last year.

On the 21st of March, 2024, prepare to be part of an extraordinary experience at a secret venue. Only a selected group of 120 masked guests will explore exquisite spaces nestled in the heart of Prague, each corner a promise of spectacle for men and women, couples or individuals.

Female Pleasure

The art of touch. The intensity, the softness. From a gentle caress to a firm squeeze, from nurturing warmth to thrilling dominance. Become the ultimate consort in her realm of fantasy.

Come and be inspired, learn about the fantasies, techniques, and ways that can truly make a woman pleased. Both women and men, couples and singles will find a dose of inspiration here and leave with a new perspective on female pleasure.

No touch – just watch

On The Edge events flirt with the thin line between seduction and the explicit, inviting you into a world where masked observers wander through shadowy corridors, uncovering secret chambers alive with diverse fantasies. Imagine a world bathed in red light, where muses sip wine and living statues glide in sheer negligees.

Your role is to watch and be inspired. Step into the shoes of an observer in a tastefully curated spectacle. Fortune may smile upon you, offering a chance to participate in the performance, to engage in a tasteful task. The choice is yours.


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Beg for code

Entry fees to OTE events range from 1990 to 9900 CZK. Access is exclusive, granted only to those holding a special code. Do you yearn to be among the elite? Join the waiting list here

About On The Edge

Martina Svobodová and Soňa Metelková, two young entrepreneurs, envisioned a space that was both elegant and seductive. Their goal was to offer a place where anyone could immerse themselves in a variety of provocative fantasies, feeling the energy of each scene without the need to participate.

On The Edge was created to break taboos still surrounding erotica and to create a safe space where guests could find inspiration while staying within their comfort zone.

The success of a pilot event in October 2023 set the stage for a bold venture into the night, inspiring a series of provocative soirées, playful workshops, and a cascade of nocturnal enchantments.

This includes the unveiling of a novel hotel concept in 2025, where guests can immerse themselves in the afterglow of the evening, each room a sanctuary dedicated to a unique fantasy, crafted with elegance and grace.

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