Nov 01, 2023

Prague Welcomes Doll Enthusiasts: Exhibition Will Feature Over 90 artists

Japanese artists are set to bring their princess-themed creations to Prague as the Doll Prague exhibition opens its doors at Lucerna on November 3-5. 

The 8th edition of this international showcase of professional art dolls, puppets, and collectible Teddy bears will feature artists from more than twenty countries.

The exhibition’s theme, “The wisdom of myths and legends still speaks to us today,” adds a touch of mystique to the event.

Under the patronage of the successful Czech actress Bára Štěpánová, the exhibition will host 12 artists from Japan, along with a record-breaking 90 artists from the Czech Republic and other parts of the world.

This year’s event promises not only individual artist exhibitions but also four special art projects.

Anna Zueva, a prominent artist and member of the American NIADA Association, will showcase her exceptional project, “Mystical Garden,” featuring art dolls that promise to surprise and delight visitors.

Luda Bezusko from Poland will present a unique collection inspired by tarot cards, with 15 textile figures symbolizing the Major Arcana tarot cards, merging art and magical elements to create a world of wonder and wisdom.

From Japan, Professor Kyou Ohtake’s art school will bring an exhibit called “Princess Sakura,” immersing visitors in the enchanting world of Japanese traditions and fairy tales.

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The exhibition will feature over 90 doll artists, “teddyists” (producers of collectible teddy bears), and puppeteers from around the world, including countries like the USA, Germany, Israel, France, and the Netherlands.

Attendees can also participate in art classes for amateurs, modeling presentations by representatives from the American Institute of Doll Art (NIADA), and an art competition, which includes a children’s category for the Doll Prague 2023 art competition.

Professional artists will lead classes suitable for both beginners and advanced artists.

For those interested in attending, tickets to the exhibition are available for 220 CZK at the Lucerna Palace, with free entry for children under 6 years old.

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