Oct 05, 2023

Investment Stars Shine at the Prague Engaged Investments Conference

Two days filled with inspiring lectures, discussions, networking opportunities, and interactions with prominent investors in startups, along with other enriching experiences, await at the Engaged Investments conference.

The event is organized by the investment company DEPO Ventures and will take place on Tuesday, October 24th, and Wednesday, October 25th, at the Kaiserštejnský Palace in Prague.

Among the international luminaries set to participate are American investor and mentor Marvin Liao, Irish tech entrepreneur and business angel of the year 2023 Mary McKenna, and British investor Keith Grose, who also plays an active role in managing numerous startups.

They will be joined by notable investment names from Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltics. The conference is supprted by the venture capital ecosystem such as J&T Ventures, Presto Ventures, OTB Ventures, Baltic Sandbox and even by the prestigious Credo Ventures.

“We’ve invited experienced investors to the conference who have a track record of successful investments in startups. These investors hail from regions with mature startup ecosystems. Although venture capital firms and angel investors are growing rapidly here, they can still learn from well-known names,” says Petr Šíma, a partner at DEPO Ventures.

Focused on Investors

In addition to the stars mentioned above, attendees investors can expect other investors with extensive knowledge and experience in venture investing.

Among them are Karolína Mrozková, partner at Credo Ventures; Marcin Hejka, founder and partner at OTB Ventures, a Polish venture capital fund specializing in deeptech investments; Bakhrom Ibragimov, partner for CE region at Molten Ventures; Tomáš Pačinda, partner at Kaya VC; Viktorija Trimbel, executive director of the Lithuanian fund Co-Invest Capital; Raviv Sapir, investment professional at the German fund Blue Future Partners; Jonathan Hollish, managing parner at Mountside Ventres, and business angels such as Frederik Brandis, Davis Sikans, Damir Špojlarič or Keith Grose.

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Unlike previous years, this year’s conference is split into two days. The first day features the Startup Fair, during which dozens of startups from the portfolios of participating investors will showcase their projects from pre-seed to Series A.

The second day is primarily for investors, with four panel discussions covering topics such as the pros and cons of traditional venture capital funds and angel syndicates in Central and Eastern Europe. They will also delve into current macroeconomic shocks, including the impact of war and inflation on venture capital in the region. Special attention will be given to cross-border collaboration among investors and ways to best identify trends and investment opportunities.

For more information about the conference and ticket sales, please visit the engaged.investments website

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