Jul 31, 2023

“Enjoy Respect Prague” Campaign Targets Tourists’ Behavior

The “Enjoy Respect Prague” campaign launched by Prague City aims to educate tourists about respecting the city and its inhabitants.

With around a hundred posters displayed in the city center during August, tourists will be informed about the rules they must follow. This year, the focus is on combating the exploitation of exotic animals.

Tourists have often encountered individuals offering photos with exotic animals for a fee, but Prague’s patience has run out. To prevent the city from becoming a “pigsty,” the campaign’s rules and warnings will be placed on advertising sites managed by the city, including the metro areas, starting from August 1.

The campaign emphasizes responsible behavior from tourists, urging them not to disturb Prague residents, damage monuments, or disturb other tourists.

A major visual of the campaign highlights the mistreatment of animals, particularly cautioning against attractions that exploit wild animals.

According to the Deputy Mayor of Prague, many involved in this illegal activity possess exotic animals protected by international regulations.

Tourists taking pictures with these animals contribute to animal cruelty for profit, even causing suffering for the animals involved.

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By discouraging tourists and residents from participating in these attractions, the campaign seeks to reduce such cases and eventually remove them from Prague streets.

The signs and visuals will mainly target foreign tourists, with English being the predominant language.

The campaign also addresses issues related to nightlife, where drunken tourists disturb locals, as well as concerns about web services like Airbnb providing short-term accommodation in the city center and electric scooter usage.

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