Apr 12, 2024

Enjoy the Vltava Scenery: Libeň Riverside Path Gets Wider & Greener

Good news for walkers and cyclists in Prague! The Prague 8 municipality is working to improve the riverside path along the Vltava River in Libeň.

They aim to create a peaceful and enjoyable space for everyone.

The current walking path will be resurfaced with a mixture of mortar and stone paving, replacing the originally planned asphalt.

This will create a quieter and more pleasant experience. The path will also be widened to 2.5 meters, and benches will be added for people to relax and enjoy the scenery. Greenery will be planted along the path to enhance the natural feel.

The current bike lane is narrow, unsafe, and too close to traffic. To address this, a new, separate path will be built on the slope along Povltavská.

“Together with the capital, we had a study prepared by TSK Praha, which is designed to make the cycle path wider, with a good surface and separated from the road. The project includes replacing the asphalt surface, moving the public lighting lamps and a new connection between the two levels with two staircases with space for parking bicycles,” explained Martin Jedlička (TOP 09 + STAN), chairman of the Prague 8 Transport Commission.

This new path will be wider (3.5 meters) and made of a higher-quality surface, making it safer and more comfortable for cyclists. Two staircases will connect the path to the riverbank, and the existing lamp posts that obstruct cyclists will be relocated.

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The total cost is estimated to be around 50 million Czech crowns, funded entirely by the municipality.

“This location will become a popular recreational place, the so-called Povltava promenade, after the completion of all its project stages, including the completion of the City Ring Road,” added Jedlička.

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