Mar 21, 2024

European Sleeper Expands Into Czechia Starting With its Inaugural Ride to Prague on 25 March

Ten months after the first ride from Brussels to Berlin, European Sleeper introduces new stops in Dresden, Bad Schandau, and Prague.

The train will then connect four countries and four European capitals. Even Paris and London are well connected with a single transfer in Brussels.

The route extension will be unveiled with a special event on 25 March 2024, where press, trade, and partners can board the train in Brussels and arrive in Prague the next day.

On 26 March the official launch will be celebrated in Prague around the very first departure to Amsterdam and Brussels. The event is organised in collaboration with, Prague City Tourism, CzechTourism,, Visit Dresden, and České dráhy.

The Dutch-Belgian night train operator European Sleeper is part of the movement that put night trains in Europe back on the map. Trains offer an attractive alternative to other modes of transportation and produce up to 28 times less greenhouse emissions than planes, for example.

Another significant benefit of night trains is their ability to transform lengthy distances into a mere overnight journey, allowing passengers to travel efficiently as they sleep.

Martin Kupka, the Czech Minister of Transport commented: “Night trains are now making a comeback all over Europe and I am very glad that the Czech Republic is not left behind. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to air transport, which confirms that rail will play an increasingly important role in the future. For us, this is another signal that we urgently need not only to complete the modernization of existing rail corridors, but also to speed up the preparation and construction of high-speed lines.”

“The history of railway transportation in the Czech Republic dates back to the 1820s. Currently, it serves us and has enormous potential for the future. With the added value of this new line, we improve our support of tourism in the regions. The night train which includes a bike carriage will also stop, in Děčín and Ústí nad Labem. Cyclists and hiking enthusiasts don’t have to travel to Prague, instead, they can enjoy, for example, a cycling trip on the Elbe Cycle Path or a hiking adventure along the Czech Switzerland Crest Trail, with its gateway being the city of Děčín,” summarizes František Reismüller, Director of the Czech Tourism Authority – CzechTourism.

The new service connecting Brussels, Dresden, and Prague is available from 25 March 2024 starting at €49 for a seat and €79 for a couchette in a shared compartment. In parallel, European Sleeper has been able to secure improved rental carriages. These couchette carriages will significantly increase the comfort and travel experience of the night train passengers.

In its continuing effort to expand its destination offering, European Sleeper is working on the launch of a new route connecting Amsterdam, Brussels, and Barcelona to debut in 2025 or 2026.

This route was selected by the European Commission as one of ten pilot projects to improve European cross-border rail connection.

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