Feb 03, 2024

Farmers’ Markets at Náplavka Kick Off New Season

High-quality food, freshly harvested vegetables, flowers, and more are set to grace the Rašín Embankment and Kubánské náměstí as the beloved farmers’ markets resume this Saturday, February 3.

Náplavka Farmers’ Market Celebrates 15 Years

Marking its 15th year, the Náplavka Farmers’ Market has become a staple for fresh, local produce. Inspired by markets in Germany and the United States, the journey wasn’t without challenges, according to Jiří Sedláček, chairman of the Archetype Association, which founded and manages the market.

“At the beginning, convincing farmers and producers was a challenge, but our concept prevailed. Náplavka, with its refrigerated truck accessibility, stands out as a prime farmers’ market. This allows visitors to enjoy the freshest seasonal produce,” Sedláček noted

This year, Náplavka is set to host various themed events, starting with the Pink May celebration on May 18, highlighting pink wines and clarets.

On June 14 and 15, beer enthusiasts can relish the Pivo na Náplavce festival, showcasing small and mini Czech breweries. Later in mid-November, St. Martin’s Day celebrations will add to the festive atmosphere.

The Náplavka Marketplace welcomes visitors every Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm.


Kubáň Farmers’ Market Unveils New Season

Established in 2010 on Kubánské náměstí in Prague 10, this market kicked off the season with a neighborhood barbecue on January 3, complete with open-fire grills available for rent.

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“Starting from the end of March, two additional weekdays – Tuesday and Thursday – will be added to the Saturday markets. The markets will run from 8 am to 2 pm,” said Sedláček.

The Kubáň market has been open only on Saturdays since February. From March 21, it will be fully operational, operating every Tuesday (8 am – 4 pm), Thursday (8 am – 4 pm), and Saturday (8 am – 2 pm). The market closes before Christmas Eve.

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