Feb 23, 2024

FBI to Assist in University Mass Shooting Investigation in Prague

The investigation into the Charles University shooting will see collaboration with the FBI, as confirmed by Director Christopher Wray.

In an interview with Lidovky.cz, Wray commended Czech police for aiding in thwarting a planned U.S. school shooting. The FBI, expressing condolences for the college shooting that claimed 14 lives in December, revealed ongoing support for the Czech police.

Wray reaffirmed the FBI’s commitment to supporting the Czech investigation, stating, “Our office here in Prague is facilitating some of the support and assistance that we are able to offer.”

He went on to laud Czech police for their decisive action in thwarting a potential school shooting in the US.

“We received an anonymous tip from the Czech Republic about someone planning a school shooting in the United States.” This tip relayed to the Czech National Centre for Counter-Terrorism, Extremism and Cybercrime (NCTEKK), led to the identification and questioning of a Czech individual suspected of online communication with the potential shooter.

“Thanks to the swift action of Czech authorities, we were able to identify a teenager in Alabama who posed a serious threat,” Wray declared.

“This collaboration undoubtedly prevented a horrific situation, saving countless innocent lives.”

On 21 December 2023, fourteen people were killed and 22 injured in a mass shooting by a postgraduate history student in the main Faculty of Arts building of Charles University in Prague.

Another three people were injured when the perpetrator opened fire toward the streets from the faculty’s fourth-floor rooftop terrace.

After having been engaged by the police, the 24-year-old perpetrator killed himself.Before the attack, his father was found dead at his home in Hostouň.

The attack was the deadliest mass murder in the Czech Republic since its independence in 1993.

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