May 13, 2024

May 18: Celebrate Prague’s Annual “Pink May” – Festival of Rosé Wines

Every year in May, the season of Moravian and Czech rosé wines traditionally culminates. And, it is tied with quite a few “pink” events, which include the Pink May the degustation festival of rosé wines and clarets.

The festival is a wonderful platform for winemakers to present their wines. You can make the most of the gastronomic open-air event, which will take place on Saturday, May 18, from 11.00 am to 9.00 pm at Náplavka (Rašín embankment).

Visitors can expect a total of 44 stalls, 28 winemakers, rosé wine tasting, claret tastings, typical food, and a rich accompanying program.

“The degustation set is made up of a 0.35l glass made from Czech glass from Crystalex (in Nový Bor), a printed catalog with an overview of wineries and other information, and a pen to make notes. You can buy this set at the festival for 100,- Kč. It will be available for purchase in advance or on the day of the festival,” described Jiří Sedláček, director of the Růžový máj festival.

In addition to stalls offering rosé wines, there will be 19 stalls offering food specialties.

“We always try to choose a kind of gastronomy that goes well with rosé wines. For example, Mediterranean specialties, Slovak handmade pagáčky, Balkan pljeskavica or burek, raclette, guacamole, and French cheeses and sausages. There will also be soft drinks, great coffee and beer from Kounice Brewery,” added Jiří Sedláček.

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The festival will traditionally be accompanied by live music, from jazz to swing.

During the day, the stage will be taken over by Cimbálová muzika Vonička, a Czechoslovak group Voila and Kateřina Steinerová & Her swing boys.

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