May 05, 2024

Find Your Inner Warrior: There’s a New Samurai School in Prague!

Prague now has a cool new spot for martial arts lovers—the Mushin Dojo! It’s all about learning the ancient samurai ways in a modern setting.

At Mushin Dojo, you can learn sword fighting (Kenjutsu), drawing the sword (Iaijutsu), and Bojutsu, the martial art of stick fighting using a bō, which is the Japanese word for staff.

But it’s not just about fighting—it’s also about staying focused and feeling balanced in your mind and body.

The community is participating in many getaway trips to the countryside, where it’s possible to experience classic Czech cottage culture together while practicing.

What makes Mushin Dojo special is that it’s connected to top martial arts schools in Japan. Organizers are hosting a big seminar in October 2024 where you can learn even more about samurai history and techniques.

But Mushin Dojo isn’t just about learning—it’s also a friendly place where everyone is welcome. Whether you’re new to martial arts or already skilled, you can join in. They offer classes in both Czech and English, so language isn’t a barrier.

Marek Motyčka 

“You can delve into the world of Japanese philosophy, samurai principles, and the art of self-defense. Our curriculum focuses on defensive weapon techniques passed down through generations, reflecting a core value: maintaining peace, and extinguishing sparks of conflict,” explains founder Marek Motyčka.

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“Our training emphasizes not only physical strength but also mental focus and self-control, all aligned with the samurai values of humility, respect and discipline,” Motyčka adds.

Ready to embark on your samurai journey?

You can visit the official website for the course schedule and sign up for a demonstration class. All you need for the first training are comfortable clothes.

They will provide barefoot training and loaner weapons. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience, Mushin Dojo offers a supportive space for you to grow at your own pace, taking inspiration from countless headmasters before us.

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