Apr 22, 2024

BREAKING: Former MP Dominik Feri Sentenced to Three Years in Jail for Rape

Former deputy Dominik Feri has been sentenced to three years in prison. The decision was confirmed by the Prague Municipal Court.

Feri, a former TOP 09 member, resigned from his parliamentary seat amidst the accusations but maintained his innocence. The case involves incidents reportedly occurring in Feri’s Žižkov apartment in 2016 and an attempted assault in 2018.

However, he rejected claims that he had committed rape, although conceded that his behaviour may have been “inappropriate” at times.

During the appeal process, Feri challenged the credibility of the girls who accused him of rape. He argued against the evidence presented, particularly regarding the presence of narcotics in a drink provided to one of the victims.

The victims, including a minor, accused Feri of various sexual acts without their consent.

The Prague 3 District Court ruled that Feri is to pay a total of CZK 510,000 to the victims, and another CZK 33,000 to cover the cost of psychotherapy for one of them.

Adéla Hořejší, representing the victims, emphasized the impact of the crimes on their lives and advocated for higher compensation.

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She pointed to the psychological trauma Feri’s victims had endured and the impact of the assault and hearings on their private lives. She also mentioned that Feri had tried to dissuade two of the women from testifying.

According to Hořejší, Feri does not think of women as human beings, but uses them as objects for his sexual needs. She described his behavior as “predatory.”


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