Feb 11, 2024

Former Vyšehrad Station Sold to Developer, Micro-Apartments Planned

The once-grand Vyšehrad railway station in Prague 2, left derelict for years, has been sold to an unknown developer through the company Vyšehrad Rezidence, Novinky.cz reports.

The Seznam Zprávy server further revealed that micro-apartments are planned for the site, with developer and investor Milorad Miško Miškovič behind the project.

Previously, the monument was owned by the Cypriot company Miquelira Limited through RailCity Vyšehrad.

Since its 2007 sale by Czech Railways, various investors have attempted to redevelop the station, hampered by conservation regulations and leading to its current state of disrepair. In recent years, the city unsuccessfully sought to purchase or exchange the building.

“The only thing I can say is that the buyer is a renowned European developer,” Ondřej Plánička, legal representative of the new owners, told Novinky.cz. He promised “a really nice project” but offered no specifics.

Jaroslav Němec (Pirates), a Prague 2 deputy who initiated the “Save Vyšehrad Station” petition, sees the change in ownership as a potential for restoration.

“We are buying a project… with about 170 residential units and ample underground parking,” Miškovič told SZ Byznys, adding plans for hotel-like exteriors, public services, and 11 retail units. Construction is expected to take two years.

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Miškovič, known for transforming Prague’s Karlín district through his company Karlin Port Real Estate, aims to replicate this success with 1,200 micro-apartments planned across Prague, Seznam Zprávy reported.

Built in the early 20th century, the station ceased operation around 1960 and became a cultural monument in 2000. However, its condition has deteriorated significantly, with the collapsing roof prompting the closure of the adjacent sidewalk for safety reasons.

While restoring the station’s original function is impossible due to modern safety standards, the city plans a new train stop at Výton.

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