Dec 29, 2023

Four Long Weekends Await Us. What About Public Holidays in 2024?

2024 will offer Czech citizens several “long weekends” with public holidays falling on a Friday or Monday.

January 1st coincides with New Year’s Day and the commemoration of the Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State. This Monday celebration, coupled with the preceding weekend, grants us a delightful three-day break.

Looking ahead, the next long weekend in 2024 aligns with the Easter holidays, starting on Good Friday, March 29.

State Holidays Calendar for 2024: Mark Your Long Weekends

  • January 1: Day of the Restoration of the Independent Czech State (Monday)
  • May 8: Victory Day (Wednesday)
  • July 5: Day of the Slavic Saints Cyril and Methodius (Friday)
  • July 6: Jan Hus day (Saturday)
  • September 28: Czech Statehood Day (Saturday)
  • October 28: Statehood Day (Monday)
  • November 17: Day of the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy (Sunday)

Much like the Easter holidays, Labour Day, falling on a Wednesday according to the calendar, offers a day of rest. A week later, Czechia comes together to celebrate Victory Day as a national holiday.

The third long weekend of the year unfolds during the summer holidays. On July 5, Czechs honor the arrival of Cyril and Methodius, followed by the remembrance of Jan Hus’s day.

Days of Rest in 2024: Planning Your Breaks

  • March 29: Good Friday
  • April 1: Easter Monday
  • May 1: Labour Day (Wednesday)
  • December 24: Christmas Eve (Tuesday)
  • December 25: 1st Christmas Day (Wednesday)
  • December 26: 2nd Christmas Day, Feast of St. Stephen (Thursday)

Czech Statehood Day and St. Wenceslas Day fall on Saturday, September 28, followed by the celebration of the establishment of the independent Czechoslovak state on the subsequent Monday.

Concluding the public holidays for 2024, November 17 falls on a Sunday, marking the last holiday of the year. Christmas Eve, along with the first and second Christmas Days, will be observed on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, wrapping up the festive season.

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