Apr 24, 2024

From Beer to Moles: Unveiling Czechia’s (Fictional) Euro Designs!

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Czech Republic’s entry into the European Union, the creators of the popular webcomic “Opráski sčeskí historje” decided to have some fun.

They imagined how Czech banknotes might look if the country adopted the euro currency, adding a unique twist.

Instead of the usual European figures and monuments, these banknotes would showcase some of the Czech Republic’s most recognizable cultural icons:

  1. Forget the stoic faces on traditional euros. Here, the Brno astronomical clock, a beloved local landmark known for its, ahem, “phallic” features, takes center stage.

  2. Move over, fashionistas! The Czech euro features a man rocking the iconic socks-and-sandals combo, a guaranteed conversation starter.

  3. No Czech list would be complete without beer, and the euro wouldn’t be an exception. A mug of the country’s favorite beverage would be a refreshing addition to any wallet.

  4. European banknotes typically feature historical figures, but the Czechs take a different approach. Their euro would be graced by the image of a the Little Mole (Czech: Krtek, Krteček), a series of cartoons as well as the name of their title character, created between 1957 and 2002.

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