Jul 05, 2024

From Parades to Parties: What to Expect at Prague Pride 2024

Prague is set to host its annual Prague Pride from August 5 to 11, 2024. This event, marking its place as a significant celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, promises a week filled with activities and events.

The Context of Prague Pride

Prague Pride takes on special importance this year, as it serves as a protest against the Czech Republic’s recent changes to same-sex partnership laws.

After seven years of waiting, the new legislation only offers a minor change, renaming “registered partnerships” to “partnerships,” without providing any substantial rights or recognition, such as legal acknowledgment of a partner’s non-biological child.

Key Events and Highlights

Friday, August 9 – Sunday, August 11: The pinnacle of the Pride week kicks off on Friday night with various parties and events. Visitors can start their weekend with a dinner by the Vltava River or in the historical alleys of Prague’s old town.

Saturday, August 10: The main event, the Pride Parade, begins at noon in Wenceslas Square. Participants will march through significant landmarks, including the Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square and Pariszka Street, concluding in Letná Park. The celebration continues in Pride Park with multiple music stages, drag performances, picnic areas, and a VIP zone.

Afterparties: Saturday night offers several afterparty options, including the official afterparty at Mecca club for pop and disco fans, and the techno-centric event at Magion.

Sunday, August 11: The festivities wrap up with a queer worship service, providing a reflective end to the weekend’s celebrations.

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Ongoing Activities Throughout the Week

Pride Village on Střelecký Island: From Monday to Friday, the Pride Village offers daily entertainment, community events, and sports activities. Attendees can enjoy music, dance, and socializing under the trees with a cold Czech beer or special Pride-themed drinks.

Pride Club: The Pride Club will host nightly parties featuring Prague’s top queer DJs, keeping the energy high throughout the week.

Pride Café: Located on Betlémské Square, the Pride Café provides a space for expats and visitors with English-friendly activities, including musical performances, film screenings, discussions, and poetry readings.

For more information and updates on Prague Pride 2024, visit festival.praguepride.com

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