Mar 19, 2024

CrewBar Brings Shuffleboard and Blacklight Ping Pong to Prague

A new activity bar opened in the centre of Prague in December of 2023.

CrewBar is the first venue to bring shuffleboard to Prague. The venue is located by the river, near the Dancing House. Discover shuffleboard with a drink in hand, and don’t forget to reserve a spot!

An activity bar is a new concept for the Czech Republic where you can have a beer and play a game or two. The marker of a true activity bar is that games come first. They’re not there to entertain patrons in between rounds; quite the opposite!

CrewBar, located by the Dancing House in the centre of Prague, can show you how it’s done.

A sister bar to Prague Golf & Games that popularized glow-in-the-dark golf in Prague, CrewBar has a similar concept. In fact, the success of the former was the inspiration behind the latter. Glow-in-the-dark ping pong did especially well in Prague Golf & Games, so the owner decided to open a new place with ping pong and more.

Chris and his wife, the couple behind the project, met working on a cruise ship, in The Crew Bar, which lends its name to their latest business venture. In their newest venue, patrons are invited to choose from a selection of beers, spirits, and cocktails.



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But, don’t be fooled; the cocktails, while great, are not the star of the show – shuffleboard is the game to try!

The game is popular in the US, the UK, Sweden, and Norway. Shuffleboard is the perfect bar game: it’s easy to learn, there are multiple different ways to play, and you never have to put your drink down.

CrewBar welcomes a mix of Czechs, expats, and tourists. This is not a traditional bar where patrons can spend the night drinking at a table and sneak an occasional game of shuffleboard in between rounds.

On the contrary; shuffleboard and glow-in-the-dark ping pong are the main event! Visitors are encouraged to reserve their spots in advance. While walk-ins can be accommodated if there’s space, it is always safer to reserve your shuffleboard table a couple of days before your visit.

What’s in store for CrewBar in the future? The team is planning on introducing new menu items in the form of little bites and nibbles.

“If shuffleboard takes off the way it did in northern Europe and the US, we may be looking at another business venture in the form of a shuffleboard-only bar,” said Chris.

The space would have to be significantly larger, with longer shuffleboard tables that could accommodate multiple groups at once. But those plans are far in the future. For now, the goal is to share the joys of shuffleboard with Prague residents and visitors.

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