Jan 01, 2024

Get Ready for a Cold Snap: Winter Approaches Czech Republic

Winter is on its way to the Czech Republic, and it’s bringing a significant drop in temperatures.

According to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ), brace yourself for all-day frosts with temperatures well below minus 10°C in the upcoming week.

The warm and humid weather that kicked off the new year will be replaced by a noticeable chill over the weekend, signaling the arrival of winter.

On Saturday, changes in the atmospheric flow over Europe will create a barrier over Britain, blocking warmer air from reaching our region.

Instead, freezing arctic air from the north will take over, causing a substantial temperature drop, as predicted by the ČHMÚ.

Meteorologists agree on the likelihood of a significant cooling trend, but there’s uncertainty about the intensity of the cold and moisture.

Although making precise predictions about temperatures and precipitation remains challenging, one thing is clear – expect frosty days with temperatures well below minus 10°C early next week.

“The duration of this cold spell and the weather in the latter half of the week are uncertain. However, signs suggest that this cold period might linger longer than initially thought,” shared the CHMÚ.

Prepare for the cold as winter sets in, and stay tuned for updates as meteorologists closely monitor the evolving weather conditions in the Czech Republic.

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