Dec 04, 2023

Goethe-Institut Invites You to a Sustainable and Waste-Free Christmas

Christmas as a holiday of consumerism: the Goethe-Institut wants to convince the Czech and international public that it doesn’t have to be this way.

On Saturday 9 December, the institute will offer a series of creative workshops for children and adults with a Christmas and ecological theme. Entrance is free.

“We have a pile of old wallpaper, wrapping paper, unwanted posters, newspapers, magazines, branches from our beautiful Christmas tree and dozens of other items that would be easy to throw away. We want to save it all and transform it into original Christmas gifts, notebooks or stationery,” comments Veronika Svítil from the Goethe-Institut. All this is free of course,” adds Svítil.

The event, called Christmas Without Waste, will offer five workshops and other activities that are suitable for individuals and families with children. For example, under the guidance of Eva Rosíková from Kreaivatelier, it will be possible to make small gifts or interior Christmas decorations from recycled materials.

Illustrator and graphic designer Zuzana Mašková will help with the production of notebooks and pencils, even for children (over six years old). The secrets of the bookbinding craft will be revealed by colleagues from Reformat, a second-hand stationery shop and sheltered workshop. There will also be a “plant swap”, i.e. an exchange of houseplants.

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“I would especially like to invite you to a workshop with Lotte van der Hoogen, a Dutch art teacher. She will not only introduce the concept of zines, small pocket magazines, but also make them with everyone who comes using a special printer,” comments Veronika Svitil.

The Goethe-Institut’s Christmas without Waste is being held thanks to the international project CYCLE UP! and the Green Libraries program.

Admission to all workshops, including refreshments, is free, materials for creative activities are also provided. For the workshop with Lotte van der Hoogen and Reformat, a formal reservation is required in advance, HERE

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