Nov 30, 2023

Have You Been Naughty or Nice? Czexperience the Saint Nicholas Tradition with the Movie “Angel of the Lord 2” 

Prague Morning

Prague Morning

Thanks to the “Some Like It Czech” project, you can meet the Czech angel and the Czech devil aka “čert” the movie way.

This quirky and enchanting fairy tale, full of biblical puns and picturesque scenes, is screened with English subtitles, a fun introduction, and the first part of the movie series at Cinema Aero on December 8th. Buy your tickets here

When director Jiří Strach was creating a sequel to the beloved fairytale Angel of the Lord (2005), he had no idea that the follow-up Angel of the Lord 2 (2016, watch the trailer) would become one of the top three most visited Czech movies in local cinemas.

Drawing from Czech cultural heritage, folklore and biblical stories, both movies promise to offer a perfect, entertaining lesson in Czech Christmas traditions and laughter that transcends age. 

Although both movies feature the misadventures of the eccentric angel Petronel and the sly devil Uriah, they both work as stand-alones. In the first part, Petronel is sent to the Earth to fix one single sinner.

He is guided by the mischievous Uriah, who has a great time at his expense. In the following story, our quirky duo is sent to Earth once again with a mission to find a plucked apple from the tree of knowledge. It happens to be Saint Nicholas Day and the land is full of fake devils and angels who aren’t pleased about these new companions with their wielding superpowers. 

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Let yourself be enchanted by the picturesque scenes filmed in Český Krumlov, Kašperk, Křivoklát, and Český Šternberk.

If that is not enough, prepare to be dazzled by Petronel’s home – the heaven – where all the important Czech actors, such as Klára Issová, Josef Abrhám have earned their place portraying the Saints. They are all led by the god of Czech cinema himself, an actor and  founder of Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Jiří Bartoška, who played the part of the Almighty

Whether you’re young or young at heart, join us at Cinema Aero on December 8th for an evening that blends fantasy, laughter, and the spirit of Christmas in a way that only the Angel of the Lord movies can capture.

Screenings of both movies are complemented with English subtitles and a fun introduction, ensuring that the magic of these Czech masterpieces transcends linguistic barriers.  You can attend only one of them or treat yourself with both for a reduced price. Tickets here.

If you want to know more about the event and the project itself, follow Some like it Czech on Instagram (@some_like_it_czech) or Facebook

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