Sep 04, 2023

September 23: Heroes’ Day at Výstaviště Prague

Come and learn about the work of the integrated rescue services at the Exhibition Center. This year you can attend the 8th annual Heroes’ Day event!

Demonstrations of heavy equipment, technical equipment, historic vehicles and other interesting things await you.

On September 23, from 11:00 to 17:00, you can see equipment and vehicles from the HMP Medical Rescue Service, Pandur wheeled armor from the Czech Army, a rescue tank, a police helicopter and other unique items. You will try out how to build a flood wall or learn the correct first aid procedure.

There will also be competitions for children. Again, they can try what it’s like to be such a little hero. Throughout the day, several stations will be prepared with tasks, for the completion of which they will receive stamps in the “Passport of the Little Hero” and as a reward they will receive beautiful prizes.

The event will also include the Memorial of JUDr. František Kohout in rescuing people from crashed vehicles.

Teams of professional firefighters from all over the Czech Republic will compete here, and you can watch the progress of the entire rescue operation.

30 years of the Army of the Czech Republic

The Army of the Czech Republic is an integral part of the rescue and security forces and this year celebrates 30 years since its establishment within the independent Czech Republic.

“The general public could see how important the army is, for example, in the successful liquidation of a fire in the Czech Switzerland National Park, in coping with the consequences of a devastating tornado in South Moravia, during floods, or the Covid-19 pandemic,” says Daniela Hölzelová from the Communication Department of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic.

Representatives of the Communication Department of the Ministry of Defence have prepared knowledge competitions for children and adults within the framework of the educational project “Preparing Citizens for National Defence” (POKOS).

The army will present a Tatra 815-7 PRAM with an armored cab from the 42nd Mechanized Battalion, an Iveco light armored vehicle from the 44th Light Motorized Battalion, and a Land Rover Defender 130 Cayman from the 43rd Airborne Regiment.


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