Mar 21, 2024

Historic Trams and Ferries on Vltava River Back After Winter Break

Prague Historical Tram Crypto

Prague’s public transport system is blooming into spring with the return of the historic lines and popular ferries.

Starting on Saturday, March 23rd, passengers can once again experience the city aboard these unique services.

Tram line 41 makes a comeback, connecting Střešovice and Letná, with a stop at the Prague Planetarium. Passengers can then return via Malostranská.

For a journey through the heart of Prague, hop on the historic tram line 42. This circular route winds past the city’s main sights, offering visitors a scenic way to explore. Tram 42 operates year-round with its charming historic carriages, perfect for a unique sightseeing experience.

The nostalgic K bus line circles through Prague’s sixth district, following a path similar to the historic trolleybus line that ran here in the 1930s.

It’s important to note that regular public transport fares (PID) do not apply on these special lines. Passengers will need to purchase a separate ticket specifically designated for these seasonal services.

Ferries Return to Service

For those seeking a river crossing, four out of Prague’s six ferries will be back in operation daily from March 23rd until October.

The ferries P1 (Sedlec – Zámky) and P2 (V Podbaba – Podhoří) will continue their year-round service. The seasonal ferry P4 (Dostihová – Belárie), which received positive feedback during trial runs in 2022 and 2023, will be operating in full swing.

The P3 and P4 ferries offer an additional benefit for cyclists. With the Barrandovský Bridge undergoing repairs and the Dvorecký Bridge under construction, these ferries provide a vital alternative for cyclists navigating the area closures.

For those visiting the Prague Zoo, the P2 ferry offers a convenient connection to the Sklenářka entrance, situated near the new gorilla pavilion. This ferry runs every 15 minutes, matching the frequency of bus line 234 from Holešovice metro station.

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