Feb 15, 2024

Hot List! What to Do in Prague This Weekend | 16 – 18 February, 2024

Come and enjoy your weekend with our selection of the best Prague events and things to do! Food festivals, parties, family-friendly activities and much more…Enjoy!


17.02: Vegan Burger Days at Cross Club

Come enjoy vegan food on 17 February 2024 at Cross. In addition to great food, there will be music and a sense of charity from donating to a good cause. No animal products, no eggs, no milk, no meat. The base of each burger is a vegan bun, veggies and a vegan “ground meat” burger + your choice of flavor.

  • Where: Cross Club, Prague 7
  • More info here


18.02: Valentine’s Day Run

Bring your loved one, friends or family members and enjoy an active Sunday 18 Februray morning this weekend in Prague. The Valentine’s Day Run is really for everyone.

Your first steps will lead you to Running Mall near Stromovka. There you can start with a morning coffee. You can also pick up your bib and use the storage room or take a photo at the photo booth. Then follow us to the start and finish area in front of the Industrial Palace near Stromovka.


11-17.02: Cirkopolis Prague

This is the time of the circus, of jaw-dropping, innovative juggling, jaw-dropping acrobatics, breathtaking and magical performances that make your blood run cold, and absurd and hilarious moments that make your heart leap for joy. The Cirkopolis International Festival of New Circus will kick off with a rollercoaster ride.

  • Where: various locations
  • Tickets: 320-450kc
  • More info here


17.02: Pork Fest

Visitors will be treated to classic killing specialties such as jitrnice, jelito, prejt, tlačenka, prdelačka or ovar. They can also enjoy delicacies from the smokehouses such as sausages, speck or smoked ham. Piglets will be rotating on the spit, so there will be a variety of roast delicacies to sample. There will be roast knuckle, brisket, ribs, crackling and plenty of street food specialties.

  • Where: Smíchovská náplavka, Prague 5
  • More info here


17.02: Glück: Europa + Exile + more

The first Glück event this year showcases Prague’s hidden gems. Thanks to a special line-up featuring local and international names and a guaranteed unique stage design, visitors will enjoy the atmosphere to the fullest.

  • Where: Fucks2
  • Tickets: 260-370 CZK
  • More info here
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