Feb 01, 2024

Hot List! What to Do in Prague This Weekend | 2 – 4 February, 2024

Come and enjoy your weekend with our selection of the best Prague events and things to do! Food festivals, parties, family-friendly activities and much more…Enjoy!


03.02: Opening of farmer’s markets

Did you miss the farmer’s markets in Prague? You no longer have to! Markets at Náplavka and Kubáň are coming back to its 2024’s edition as we all know them. From now on, you may look forward to them every Saturday.

  • Where: Kubánské náměstí, Prague 10 ; Rašínovo nábřeží 42, Prague 2
  • More info here


03.02: Techmission

On Saturday, 3rd February 2024, United Music presents the next edition of Techmission in O2 universum, Prague. Get into the captivating sounds of melodic techno and prepare for a mesmerizing audiovisual show.

  • Where: O2 universum
  • Tickets: 1400 – 2700 CZK
  • More info here


03.02: Carnivals in Prague

This February, do not miss the well-known celebration „masopust“, which will happen throughout the whole Prague!

You may look forward to the annual carnival parade of masks accompanied by live music, which is attended by hundreds of people every year. As always, slaughterhouse, slivovitz, mulled wine, beer, and other delicacies.

  • Where: Kbely, Dolní Počernice, Ctěnice
  • Free admission


03.02: K

In cooperation with the French director Daniel Gulko and the Cahin-Caha theater, Cirk La Putika brings a multidisciplinary staging with first-class acrobatics, captivating original music, original masks and magic tricks.

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It combines the aesthetics of Kafka’s time and the present day to create a new unstable world, suffused with unkindness and prohibitions, yet shrouded in politeness and absurd hope.

  • Where: Bubenské nábřeží 306/13, Prague 7
  • Tickets: 200–1780 CZK
  • More info here


02.02: Alix Perez

Alix Perez is a drum and bass DJ and producer, originally from Charleroi, Belgium. Based in New Zealand,  his music is sometimes characterised as liquid funk amongst other labels, and released on labels such as Liquid V, Bassbin, Creative Source, Horizons, Progress, Brigand, Shogun Audio, Fokuz and Soul:R.

In addition to him, Forbidden Society, Akira, Tony P, Switch, Candle Sauce, Sofiqa, and more will play.

  • Where: Storm Club
  • Tickets: 580 CZK
  • More info here

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