Jan 24, 2024

Hot List! What to Do in Prague This Weekend | 25 – 28 January, 2024

Come and enjoy your weekend with our selection of the best Prague events and things to do! Parties, family-friendly activities, movie festivals and much more…Enjoy!


24.01-31.01: Scandi Film Fest

Scandi is a showcase focusing on contemporary Nordic film. Prague cinemas will present not only premieres, but also thematic sections focusing on the work of specific artists or genres.

These films can be found not only in cinemas but also on DVD, VOD and pay TV channels. Enjoy the bits of Scandinavian cinematography from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland to Czech and Slovak cinemas.

  • Where: various locations
  • More info here


27.01-28.01: Czech Aerial Hoop

The second year of the Aerial Hoop sport competition, which aims to move the Czech Aerial Hoop Sport to the world level with its rules and expert jury.

  • Where: KD Mlejn, Prague 13
  • More info here


26.01-27.01: Swap & Hadry Prague

Swap, vintage pop-up, workshops & music that will take place in Prague’s Kampus Hybernská. You can look forward to swapping, as well as vintage pop-ups, upcycling workshops, a discussion, a film, and about ten kinds of sustainable-inspired activities.

  • Where: Kampus Hybernská
  • Tickets: 150-200 CZK
  • More info here


26.01: The Prague Burlesque Show: Showgirl Nirvana

Every Friday night an unusual spectacle awaits the visitors – you can experience an atmosphere of smoky cabarets, in the company of singers and exotic dancers. Sonny Vargas will lead them through the world of vaudeville. Bombshell Miss Cool Cat will make them sweat tears of joy. Coca Valente sets their heart on fire, mysterious Yazz will make an act of love. Janny Jill is a drag supervaganza and Monina is the dancing queen, together with the Ritzy Dancers.

  • Where: Royal Theatre & Club Chic
  • Tickets: 490 – 9990 CZK
  • More info here
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26.01: Lunchmeat x MeetFactory: Ben Frost + more

Ben Frost will present his latest AV project on January 26th at MeetFactory. Greg Kubacki and Tarik Barri will also perform.

  • Where: Ke Sklárně 15, Prague 5
  • Tickets: 550 CZK
  • More info here


26-27.01: Prague Film Awards

The Prague Film Awards returns for its 5th edition at the Kino Aero on 26&27 January 2024.

Over two days, the annual film festival will screen 24 innovative and thought-provoking short and feature films by Czech and international filmmakers showcasing the power of independent cinema.

  • Where: Kino Aero, Prague 3
  • Tickets: 120 CZK per screening
  • More info here


27.01 Let It Roll WARM UP: Metrik

On January 27th, one of the most favourite dancefloor artists Metrik will perform at Roxy Prague with his exclusive set. Expect new music, good vibes and an unforgettable atmosphere!

Metrik has been releasing records since 2007 and currently is one of the top drum and bass producers in the world, with 888,000 monthly listeners on Spotify as of spring 2023.

  • Where: Roxy, Prague 1
  • Tickets: 590 CZK
  • More info here

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