Jan 04, 2024

How Dominica Citizenship Program Offers More than Just a Passport

Modern society is interested in traveling. Getting to know a culture and having new experiences is exciting. What do you think about moving? The difficulties associated with naturalization in the classical sense are a thing of the past.

Many governments, including those of the Caribbean islands, offer capital exchange programs.

It is easy to choose warm island countries. There is an opportunity to open a tourism business, a new taxation system, and additional benefits. Therefore, learning about the conditions for obtaining a Dominica passport is worth learning. The consequences of the decision are attractive because it concerns the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Overview of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

Many countries are trying to attract foreigners with citizenship offers. Migrants get a high standard of living and new prospects. However, Dominica’s excellent use of this opportunity requires special attention. Participation is attractive due to the following features:

  1. Investment threshold. The capital that must be contributed to the country’s economy is 100 thousand dollars. The contribution is non-refundable, but you can choose another option to participate – from 200 thousand dollars.
  2. Variability. Migrants choose the way to invest based on their own needs. You can buy real estate or a part of a business to participate.
  3. Dual citizenship. All investors can use two passports. You do not need to renounce your citizenship to get the second one.

The government reviews the application, and the deadline is 6 months. Preliminary approval is a signal to fulfill the obligations. After depositing the capital, it remains to obtain a passport and comply with the requirements for the duration of stay on the island.

Advantages for Investor

The idea of moving to Dominica attracts not only with beautiful views but also other living conditions. The country offers a lucrative Dominica CBI program for wealthy foreigners, after participating in which you will be able to:

  • enjoy the benefit of a unique taxation system;
  • visit partners in other countries on favorable terms;
  • receive quality medical care;
  • provide children with a better future with the opportunity to get an education abroad;
  • create a contingency plan in case of restrictions.

You can learn more about new business development prospects from an accredited agent. We asked the professional opinion of Zlata Erlach (the Immigrant Invest company) for a professional pros’ assessment. In her opinion, Dominika’s proposal is beneficial for everyone.

Passport Power

A high level of trust helps attract foreigners. The representatives of the international community, who are familiar with the passport ranking, are more interested in studying the conditions to obtain citizenship. The exchange of investments leads to:

  • simplified traveling abroad to more than 140 countries without obtaining permits and visa documents;
  • creating a safe plan for capital preservation and profit after migration;
  • improving living standards through modern services and infrastructure.

It should be noted that Dominica is high in the global ranking. The selection criteria include an evaluation of living standards and security. The country is ranked 66th out of 192 possible. This achievement once again confirms the attractiveness of the program for migrants.

Extra Benefits

Privileges for added participants help draw attention to the program. Family reunification does not cause any particular difficulties. The number of added applicants is not regulated. At the same time, the investor who owns the capital bears the costs of participating in the offer.

Having received a Dominica passport through investment, a citizen has the right to work, study, live, and cross the border at any time. These rules are valid even after the introduction of restrictions for foreigners. After the application is approved, there are no difficulties with visiting the country.

Key Requirements to Consider 

An application for participation in the program is made at the consulate. In addition, specialists are involved in the case to help prepare documents and conduct a preliminary check. Citizenship applicants must prove their reliability by providing:

  • results of medical examination;
  • bank account statement;
  • confirmation of the company’s legal operation;
  • information on the absence of criminal records;
  • capital for investment.

There are several ways to support the economy and obtain Dominica citizenship by investment program. The list of proposed options includes contributions to approved public funds, purchase of property, and creation of jobs for the local population.

Document verification takes up to six months. Preliminary approval means that the foreigner must contribute capital in the chosen way. The decision on the application is provided personally to the applicant and an authorized representative (e.g., an accredited agent). There is no need to visit the island before obtaining residency status.


The program’s popularity is justified, as participants obtain citizenship on simple terms. There is no option to give up the first passport, so the investor uses two documents simultaneously. It also applies to additional applicants exempt from making investments and paying any fees. Global mobility and a secure backup plan are combined in Dominica’s offer.

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