Jul 08, 2024

Innovative Offices Will Replace Historic Cemetery in Karlín

A new office building is set to rise in Prague’s Karlín district, replacing the site of an old cemetery discovered two years ago.

This modern development will feature retail shops on the ground floor and offices above, along with event facilities capable of hosting up to 300 people.

Coopera Development is constructing the new office complex, which will include three interconnected buildings designed by Bogle Architects.

The reinforced concrete and steel structure will feature a façade of aluminum composite panels, reminiscent of the former factories, and a glazed ground floor.

The development, named PernerKa, will be environmentally friendly. The seven-storey building will utilize a water-to-air heat pump to harness waste heat and incorporate special heads to save up to 50% of water usage. Water retention systems will be in place to irrigate green areas.

PernerKa will offer 10,000 square meters of space on Pernerova Street. About 700 square meters on the ground floor will house shops, with a café in the lobby.

The rest will be office space, with Coopera Development already securing tenants. The top three floors will be occupied by Actum Digital, a technology company, while Scott.Weber will take the two lower floors, providing coworking spaces for approximately 500 employees.

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“On the ground floor, we will focus on gastronomic experiences, wellness services, and a gaming zone in collaboration with Actum Digital,” said Adam Zvada, founder of Scott.Weber. An event center for up to 300 people will also be part of the development.

The new building, with a projected cost of CZK 1.15 billion, is expected to be completed by late 2025.

Future projects in this area of Pernerova Street include potential housing developments on adjacent plots where further archaeological remains are expected.

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