Oct 14, 2023

Public Gathering for Peace Between Israel and Palestine to Take Place in Prague

The Association Friends of PALESTINE cordially invite everyone to a solemn gathering on Sunday, October 15, at 4 pm on Wenceslas Square.

The event is a commemoration dedicated to all victims, irrespective of their origins, caught in the tragic crossfire of the Palestine-Israel conflict and seek to express solidarity with the innocent lives lost, transcending the divisive lines of nationality, religion, and age.

“We kindly urge all attendees to refrain from using any aggressive slogans or symbols associated with the ideologies of Hamas or Israel during this event. Let our collective voice be a symbol of peace and unity,” state the organizers.

In Israel, there are more than 1,300 dead (257 soldiers) and more than 3,000 injured. Among Palestinians, according to the local health ministry, there are at least 1,900 dead with 6,388 injured.

“It’s crucial to recognize that this cycle of violence is not new; every year, countless lives are needlessly lost, primarily among Palestinians living under occupation or in the unbearable conditions of the Israeli blockade,” added the Association Friends of PALESTINE.

“Our shared objective should be to halt the aerial bombardment, establish a bilateral ceasefire, facilitate a prisoner exchange, and pave the way for a just settlement between the two peoples. A resolution where all inhabitants of Palestinian-Israeli territories enjoy the fundamental rights of freedom, equality, and dignity is the only path forward.”

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“We call for an immediate cessation of the bombing in Gaza and urge the Czech government not to endorse retaliatory attacks by Israel. Such actions would only result in the loss of thousands more lives and further devastate the country. Additionally, we stand united against the dehumanization and degradation of Palestinians, condemning all forms of hatred directed at them in the Czech public space.”

Scheduled Speakers:

Jakub Patočka
Sarah Ghotme
Zdeněk Jehlička
Markéta Hrbková
Filip Outrata
Mariana Ahmadová

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