Oct 30, 2023

Almost Ready: What Jiřího z Poděbrad Metro Stop Looks Like Now

On Monday, 30 October, Michal Vronský, the head of the Prague-3 urban area, published photos of the current state of the Jiřího z Poděbrad metro station.

It is closed to passengers from 14 January 2023 due to extensive reconstruction.

“Opening the station to the public is a matter of the next few days,” Vronský said in a statement. DPP later said that the station will start serving passengers again on Thursday, 2 November.

An elevator that will make the station barrier-free will go into service in May 2024.

The station has not had an extensive renovation since it went into service on December 19, 1980, as part of an extension starting at Náměstí Míru and ending at Želivského.

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The overall cost of the entire renovation of the station was previously estimated at CZK 1.29 billion.

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