Jul 09, 2024

Playground on the Roof of Máj Shopping Mall Was Built Without a Permit

An unauthorized modification of the fifth-floor terrace in Prague’s Máj building has caused a stir.

The terrace was expanded to include children’s play elements without approval from the building authority. This expansion reduced parking space, violating regulations, according to an official statement obtained by our newspaper.

The legal action is being taken against Máj Národní, a subsidiary of Amadeus Real Estate. The developer claims the issue arose from a mistake by the outdoor playground supplier.

“It appears the supplier incorrectly assumed that installing mobile play elements did not require approval, as it typically wouldn’t. However, given the building’s status as a cultural monument, the standard procedure should have been followed. We unfortunately discovered this only after the fact,” said Martin Klán, a member of the Amadeus Real Estate board.

“He apparently misjudged the installation of the mobile play equipment on the terrace as a non-structural alteration, which is not normally subject to the permitting process,” added Klán. “We are already working to rectify this formal error and are discussing the adjustment with all the authorities concerned and the building authority,” he assured.

As a result, the building authority initiated proceedings to remove the structure in late June. The developer requested retroactive approval within the ten-day objection period.

“The building authority will now pause the proceedings and ask the developer to provide binding opinions from relevant authorities, such as heritage conservationists, firefighters, and the hygiene station,” stated Karolína Šnejdarová from the Prague 1 City District Office to Hospodářské noviny.

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Across nine floors the well-known building on the corner of the streets Národní and Spálená offers shops, restaurants, entertainment and a rooftop terrace. It also contains a Tesco supermarket.

The renovation job on the 1970s building was launched in mid-2022 and cost CZK 4.5 billion.

Before its reopening, the building also attracted controversy with the installation of two large moving butterflies by artist David Černý, featuring bodies resembling Spitfire fighter planes.


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