Aug 15, 2023

July Heat: Czech Republic’s 8th Warmest Month in 62 Years!

The month of July in the Czech Republic this year secured its spot as the eighth warmest since 1961, when national temperature records began. The average index in Prague was 19.6 degrees Celsius.

As for rainfall, the month stayed within normal levels, according to today’s announcement by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) on its website.

Experts at Copernicus, a European program tracking atmospheric and climate changes, went a step further, proclaiming this year’s July as the warmest eighth month ever recorded worldwide, boasting an average temperature of 16.95 degrees – a 0.33-degree increase over the former record-holder, July 2019.

On the domestic front, meteorologists have noted that the highest July average temperature was seen 17 years ago, reaching 21.3 degrees. Conversely, the chilliest July was back in 1979, when the average temperature dipped to 14.6 degrees.

During the early summer break, temperatures in Moravia and Silesia were slightly higher, averaging 20.1 degrees, compared to Bohemia, which experienced a cooler average of 0.7 degrees.

In historical context, July marked the ninth hottest month since records began 249 years ago at Prague’s Klementinum, with the average temperature being 23.2 degrees.

For the entire country, the average temperature during the monitored month exceeded the 1991-2020 norm by 1.3 degrees, as reported by CHMI. July 15th stood out as the warmest day, with average temperatures soaring over seven degrees above the established norm across the nation.

On this day, more than 70 CHMI stations recorded daily highs surpassing 35 degrees. Meteorologists also highlighted the peak daily air temperature for the month, reaching 38.6 degrees at the Plzeň – Bolevec station. The highest-ever July temperature record remains at 40.2 degrees, which was recorded on July 27, 1983, in Prague’s Uhříněves.

Regarding precipitation, July aligned with the norm. Meteorologists registered 59 millimeters of rainfall, which is equivalent to 66 percent of the 1991-2020 average.

In terms of rainfall compared to the norm, July had the highest levels in the Karlovy Vary, Moravia-Silesia, and Hradec Králové regions, while the South Bohemian and Vysočina regions experienced the least rainfall.

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