Jun 03, 2024

June 7-8: Prague Castle to Host Two-Day Festival of Mini Breweries

Festival of Mini Breweries

The Festival of Microbreweries at Prague Castle is an annually event taking place in the beautiful premises of the Royal Garden of Prague Castle, on Střelecka cesta below the Royal Summer Palace.

Microbreweries are the waters of life and a modern phenomenon of brewing skills. Twenty-five years ago there only existed one microbrewery in the Czech Republic, the brewery U Fleků; today there are approximately 170.

The organizer is the Czech-Moravian Association of Microbreweries, which aims to present to the public the production of microbreweries from all over the Czech Republic.

The participation of 51 Czech and Moravian breweries has already been confirmed, as well as the participation of guests, which this year are breweries from Hungary.

The festival is unique in that it is a tasting event, where the aim is not to sell and drink as much as possible, but to taste and get to know the Czech beer culture. Brewers and owners of individual breweries will be at the taps to present their beers and breweries.

Participating breweries include favorites like Clock, Purkmistr, U Medvídků, Hoppy Dog, Joe’s Garage, Faltus, Permon, Kocour, and countless others.

The number of visitors is limited due to the location and security of Prague Castle, so 1200 tickets are available each festival day – some will be sold on the spot as well.

The price includes a catalog of microbreweries, a tasting glass and unlimited tasting.

You can find out more information about the event and breweries on Facebook

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