May 12, 2024

Annual Khamoro Festival of Roma Culture Returns to Prague

The international festival presents contemporary and traditional Roma culture during an intensive week (from 26 May to 1 June), full of music, dance, theater performances, workshops, seminars and other events.

Khamoro (“Sun” in Romanes) is the most famous professional Roma festival in the world. It has been organized by Slovo 21 together with SP Saga annually since 1999.

For two decades of existence, the festival has established itself as an all-cultural cultural event that attracts approximately 10,000 visitors from the Czech Republic and from abroad each year regardless of age, gender or nationality.

The idea belonged to Jelena and Džemil Silajdžić, a film producer and a professor of music, natives of Sarajevo. Its main idea is to introduce Roma culture to the world and eliminate xenophobia.

People come not only from the Czech Republic but also from the US, Canada, and South Africa.

The program will feature many great names of Roma culture, and distinctive and inspiring personalities of international reputation.

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The most spectacular event of the festival will traditionally be a march of musicians in national costumes through the historical center of Prague.

The festival is held with the support of the City of Prague and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. Its main media partner is Czech Television.

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