Oct 24, 2023

November 17: Honor the Velvet Revolution with Korzo Národní Festival

Since 2014, Korzo Narodni has taken place on Národní street, where a massive student demonstration on the 17th of November 1989 started the Velvet Revolution which led to the fall of the communist regime.

All this celebration is organized by the student civic organization Díky, že můžem, which means „Thanks we can“.

The day commemorates not only protests against the communist regime in 1989 but also student demonstrations in 1939 against the Nazi occupation.

Events along Národní will start at around 10 a.m. and run throughout the day, with live music, exhibits, and performances at several points. Readings will take place at the plaza at the National Theatre, and a parked tram nearby will be converted into a clubhouse with activities.

This year’s motto is “Times are changing”.

“We do not want to just remember, we want to look at the present and especially the future. We want to hear the topics that the Czechs would like to hear. Whether it is the right to marriage for all, a quality education system, equal opportunities or the competitiveness of our country. We also feel the need to debate the challenges that our society fears in a rapidly changing world. Such as the uncertain future in the shadow of the climate crisis, the difficult economic situation of the most vulnerable, the war in Ukraine or the crisis of democracy in Central Europe,” explains the main idea of the event Jan Hlaváček, director of civic organization Díky, že můžem.

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The song “Modlitba pro Martu,” which was an anthem of the Velvet Revolution, will be sung at the symbolic time 5:11 pm by Hana Holišová in front of Metro Palace.

At 5:45 pm, the Great Media Crisis debate will take place in Theatre X10 with the editors-in-chief of leading Czech media.

Ondřej Suchan, news director and editor-in-chief of Radiožurnál, Pavel Tomášek, editor-in-chief of Deník N, Erik Tabery, editor-in-chief of Týdeník Respekt, Jiří Kubík, editor-in-chief of Seznam Zprávy and Tomáš Vojáček, editor-in-chief of CNN Prima News. The debate will be moderated by Svetlana Witowská.

During the debates, live podcasts and interviews will take place at the X10 Theatre, the New Stage of the National Theatre and the DRN Palace.

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