Jun 10, 2024

Lavender Farms: the Atmosphere of Provence in the Czech Republic

Lavender Farms Czechia

Let us take you to places that will enchant you with bright colours and hundreds of aromas!

We know where to find the most beautiful lavender fields and enjoy some lavender ice cream. We’ll show you charming gardens full of aromatic herbs and tell you where joy grows in the Czech Republic!

You’ll recognize the fields with blooming lavender even with your eyes closed! It will elate you with its unmistakable scent. And when you open your eyes, you’ll be amazed at the blue splendour even though you are not in Provence.

Farms specializing in growing lavender can also be found in the Czech Republic. The Lavender Valley Farm in Chodouň awaits you. You can literally immerse yourselves in lavender at this farm. Just choose one of the lavender wellness procedures.

Liven up your lavender trip with a tour of the royal Křivoklát castle or the family-owned Rückl glass factory. The lavender season will also start soon at the Lavandia Farm in Starovičky by the Lednice-Valtice Landscape Area.

They make special homemade lavender lemonade or ice cream, and you can even have lavender coffee there. Take a stroll along the lavender trail at the Bezděkov Lavender Farm near Olomouc; a lavender massage in the midst of aromatic bushes is available by appointment.

Oases of Thousand Colours and Scents: the Balm for the Soul

The Baroque Hospital Kuks in East Bohemia has a unique historical herb garden. It opens at dawn and closes at sunset so you can enjoy the beautiful combination of thousands of colours and scents to the full.

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The Valtice Chateau in South Moravia has the Lu & Tiree Chmelar herb garden inside the UNESCO park. Buy herbs, oils and herbal teas in their special shop. The Botanicus Gardens in Ostrá in Central Bohemia make tea, jam, syrup and natural cosmetics. You can also make your own herbal bar of soap.

Do You Know Where Joy Grows?

Have you ever visited a place where joy grows? If not, go to Čejkovice in South Moravia! It’s the home to Sonnentor, a company that has been growing and turning herbs and spices into tea and spice blends for decades.

The guided adventure tour will take you to the places where herbs and spices are harvested, dried and stored. The local people like to say, with a slight exaggeration, that this is where joy grows.

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