Jan 17, 2024

Lítačka Travel Card Extended by Three Years

PID Lítačka Prague city transport cards, which were first issued in 2016, are set to expire this year.

However, the company ICT Operator and Prague City Hall decided to automatically extend the card validity by three years.

Therefore, passengers whose cards were due to expire this year will be capable of travelling with Lítačka around Prague and Prague Central Bohemia until 2027.

Depending on passengers’ preferred contact method, informative emails and text messages will be sent to passengers affected by the card’s original expiry date.

Detailed information about card renewals will be available on the website www.pid.litacka.cz, as well as on Lítačka social networks, and at Lítačka ticket machines.

Currently, the PID system boasts 470,000 active Litáčka, accommodating 610,000 different long-term passes.

Additionally, there’s good news for commuters concerned about fare hikes.

At least for the initial months of 2024, public transport fares will remain unchanged. The future beyond that remains uncertain, but Prague transport operators have hinted at the possibility of an eventual increase in the price of long-term passes.

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