Jan 10, 2024

Makro’s Bonveno Small Retail Shops Set to Expand Across the Czech Republic

Wholesale hypermarket chain Makro is gearing up to extend its Bonveno small retail shop concept throughout the entire Czech Republic by the end of 2024.

The plan includes establishing at least one Bonveno shop in every region.

Presently, Bonveno operates exclusively in Prague, boasting four shops. The inaugural store opened last summer near the Anděl metro station, with expectations of about 20 additional shops opening nationwide this year.

The Bonveno concept draws inspiration from the renowned Vietnamese “večerki,” offering a diverse array of products, spanning from groceries to household chemicals and cosmetics, all within a compact space.

“Our shops distinguish themselves not only in design but primarily in their product offerings. Alongside fresh baked goods, fruits, vegetables, ready-made meals, delicatessens, and household chemicals, our range includes hot dogs, fresh baguettes, sandwiches, and coffee. Initial feedback from our customers indicates a positive response, with many becoming regular patrons. They appreciate starting their day with a good breakfast on their way to work and restocking their fridges with us in the afternoon and evening,” shared Karel Barek, Director of Bonveno.




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