Mar 21, 2024

March 26th: Drone Show to Take Place over the Vltava River in Prague

On March 26th, starting at 7 pm, a stunning drone show will illuminate the city’s evening sky.

This free public event, organized by the creators of the new Czech film “Gump – Jsme dvojka” in collaboration with Prague city, marks a step towards sustainable and exciting entertainment for Prague’s residents and visitors.

Prague has already taken a stand against the negative impacts of traditional fireworks displays. In 2020, the city banned pyrotechnics in the city center, parks, and near sensitive areas like hospitals and animal shelters.

“We believe a drone show can be a fantastic alternative to fireworks,” explains Adam Zábranský, Prague’s councillor for property, transparency, and legislation. “It eliminates unnecessary suffering for animals and reduces stress for seniors and children.”

Jiří Pospíšil, Deputy Mayor of Prague and advocate for animal welfare, echoes this sentiment. “Fireworks are a major source of stress not just for dogs, but for many wild animals too. Every year, our rescue centers see animals suffering from fireworks-related trauma. Additionally, countless dogs get lost during these displays.”

Pospíšil strongly supports a complete ban on over-the-counter fireworks, citing drone shows as a viable alternative that provides an equally captivating spectacle without harming animals.

This 20-minute drone show, accompanied by music, will paint the night sky with 50-meter-tall images of animals and other symbols, reaching a height of 70 meters above the Vltava River.

The event will be best viewed from Rašín or Smíchov embankments.

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