Jan 21, 2024

Morning Briefing | Monday, January 22nd, 2024


Exactly one month after the tragic event at the Prague Faculty of Arts, Charles University held an event to honour the memory of the victims at a memorial site outside the building. The return to the building will be gradual,  with many lectures due to take place in other facilities or online in the coming semester.

On December 21, a lone gunman who was a student of the faculty, went on a rampage, killing 14 people and injuring 25 before committing suicide.


Two-thirds of Czechs think that euro adoption would hurt them financially, according to a flash poll conducted by the Median agency for Czech Radio. Forty-two percent of respondents were absolutely convinced about this, 26 percent said it was highly likely.

Of the 21 percent who think euro adoption would benefit them, 8 percent are absolutely convinced this would be the case while 13 percent are inclined to think so.


Experts predict a reversal in the downward trend of apartment prices in the Czech Republic after a period of reductions, with expectations of a gradual increase throughout the year. Following years of substantial growth, selected apartments witnessed a decline in prices last year.

While some developers continued to lower prices post the New Year’s reduction in value-added tax (VAT), analysts anticipate this to be a temporary trend.


A total of 13,828,137 passengers passed through the gates of Václav Havel Airport Prague last year, amounting to a year-on-year increase of 29 percent. Travellers were able to use new long-haul routes to Seoul, Taipei, and exotic holiday retreats.

Combined, the airport offered connections to 167 destination and over 30 new or resumed operations by 69 air carriers.


Poultry imported into the Czech Republic from Hungary has been found to contain bacteria causing salmonellosis. The State Agricultural and Food Inspection Authority made this alarming discovery.

The affected products are frozen goose breasts and duck, samples collected by inspectors in Kaufland and Albert stores.

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