Mar 07, 2024

Morning Briefing │ Thursday, March 7th, 2024


The Czech Parliament’s upper house, the Senate followed the lower house on Wednesday to approve changes in the gun law that tighten requirements for owning a weapon following the worst mass killing in the nation’s history.

Under the new law, gun owners would have to undergo a medical check every five years, not every 10 years, as they do now. Businesses would be required to report suspicious purchases of guns and ammunition to the police, while doctors would gain access to databases to find out if their patients are gun owners.


Thursday will be mostly sunny with temperatures ranging between 3 to 7 degrees Celsius.


Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský on Wednesday presented the Medal of Merit for Diplomacy to the outgoing Japanese Ambassador to Czechia, Hideo Suzuki. In his speech, Lipavský praised the ambassador’s active engagement and his role in strengthening Czech-Japanese relations.


Hundreds of Czech farmers are expected to take part in a protest in Prague on Thursday against rising costs, heavy regulation, cheap goods from Ukraine and the EU’s Green Deal.

The protest started at 6am when farmers will drive their tractors and other farm machinery around the city’s Letenské sady. At noon they will gather for a demonstration outside the Office of the Government, where they are due to meet with Agriculture Minister Marek Výborný.


West Ham United defender Vladimír Coufal is set to return to the Czech national team after clear the air talks with new coach Ivan Hašek.

The defender was one of three players sent home from the Czech national squad during qualifiers for Euro 2024 in November after attending a night club in Olomouc.

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