Apr 23, 2024

Morning Briefing │ Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024


Prague City plans to invest a total of 137 million crowns this year in facilities for cyclists. Last year saw a significant increase in interest in shared bike riding. People using the PID Lítačka application enjoy two free 15-minute rides daily.


A Prague City Court has upheld a guilty verdict and three-year prison sentence in the case of former MP Dominik Feri, who was convicted of raping three young women, one of them a minor. Feri resigned from his seat and withdrew from politics when the scandal broke. The verdict is binding.


Tuesday should be overcast and rainy with snow in the higher altitudes and day temperatures between 5 and 9 degrees Celsius.


A Holocaust Memorial for Roma and Sinti will be inaugurated on Tuesday at the site of a former concentration camp in Lety, south Bohemia. Some 1, 300 Roma passed through the camp between 1942 and 1943 and more than 300 died there, mostly women and children. The memorial will open to the public on May 12.

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The Czech prosecutor has charged the former head of the Czech presidential office, Vratislav Mynář, with subsidy fraud and damaging the financial interests of the European Union.After more than three years of investigation, an indictment has been issued in the case involving Mynář’s company, Clever Management. Mynář could face prison and fines if found guilty, Czech media Seznam Zprávy reported on Monday.

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