Jan 22, 2024

Morning Briefing | Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024


Over 100,000 people downloaded the eDoklady application to create an electronic ID card on their mobile phone over the weekend, according to the Digital Information Agency. The new app became available for download on Saturday and many of those who tried to download it experienced problems due to server overload.

According to Deputy Prime Minister for Digitization Ivan Bartoš problems with Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology, which affected all of Europe, also contributed to the outages.


In Prague, it is now possible to buy a long-term travel pass with the Lítačka card at the yellow ticket machines installed at all metro stations, at Václav Havel Airport, and at some tram and bus stops.

To buy a pass, you need to put your Litacka card into the reader panel and then select the period and zone of validity of the pass (all options for Prague and zone 0 are available). Only contactless bank cards are accepted.


After a period of frost, the Czech Republic anticipates a temperature rise with highs of 3 to 7°C on Tuesday and 8 to 12°C on Wednesday.

The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute warns of freezing precipitation and strong winds up to 90 km/h. Tuesday brings clouds, showers, and possible snow, with temperatures reaching 3 to 7°C. Winds may gust up to 15 m/s in Bohemia.


A total of 13,828,137 passengers passed through the gates of Václav Havel Airport Prague last year, amounting to a year-on-year increase of 29 percent. Travelers were able to use new long-haul routes to Seoul, Taipei, and exotic holiday retreats.

Combined, the airport offered connections to 167 destinations and over 30 new or resumed operations by 69 air carriers.


Czech police officers detained 4,742 people during transit migration last year, Police President Martin Vondrášek said on Monday. It was a decrease of more than 17,000 than in the previous year.

Because of the increasing number of refugees, Czechia introduced checks on its border with Slovakia last October.

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